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The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is one of the biggest live poker events in the world, so there’s a lot going on. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers that are designed to help you get the best out of your stay in The Bahamas. If you still have a query that is not dealt with below, please email pca@pslive.com.

What is the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure?

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) is a live festival of poker that takes place every year in the Bahamas. The 2016 PCA will be held at the Atlantis Resort and Casino January 6-14, 2016. The Main Event will take place January 8-14.

How old do I have to be to participate?

You must be 18 years of age or above to participate in PCA events. No persons under the age of 18 are allowed to enter the tournament area throughout the duration of the event.

Do I need a passport to get to the Bahamas?

Yes. All travellers, travelling to and from The Bahamas, need to have a passport or other accepted document that establishes the bearer’s identity and nationality. Make sure you start working to get your passport now should you require one; it can take a long time to get your passport. It is your responsibility to have proper documentation. We have provided links to some passport services below. If your country is not listed, simply Google the word 'passport' and the name of your country to find your local passport service.

Please see the Players Guide page under the Atlantis Guide tab for information on flights and popular routes to the Bahamas.

How much does it cost to play at the events?

The events have a variety of buy-ins. Please check the PCA Schedule for full details on tournaments available and the cost of entry.

How can I qualify on PokerStars for the Main Event?

There are numerous online qualification options open to players through PokerStars. Please see the How to Qualify page for full details.
There are also various promotions that will be running on the lead up the PCA 2016. Please see the Promotions tab under the How to Qualify page for full details.

Can I purchase a Main Event package?

Yes, there are four ways in which you can purchase a package:

  • From your PokerStars Account using real money
    We are allowing players to buy in directly to the 2016 PCA for a Seat only, Seat & Hotel or Seat, Hotel & Room Folio package by using funds directly from their PokerStars.com and/or PokerStars.eu accounts. Online Registration will be open nearer to the event, and will be listed under the following tabs: ‘Live Events’ > ‘EUROPE’ > ‘PCA 2016’ > ‘ Event Schedule’:
  • 2016 PCA: Day 1A Direct Buy-Ins [seat only] - to purchase the $ 5,300 Main Event Entry only for Day 1A
  • 2016 PCA: Day 1B Direct Buy-Ins [seat only] - to purchase the $5 ,300 Main Event Entry only for Day 1B
  • 2016 PCA: Direct Buy-In (Hotel Only) - to purchase the $3,468 nine-night Hotel package.
  • 2016 PCA: Direct Buy-In (Hotel and Room Folio) - to purchase the $4, 468 9-night Hotel and Room Folio package (this package includes a $1,000 credit to spend at the resort ONLY).
  • With PokerStars FPPs
    For players that have reached the Supernova level of the PokerStars VIP Club. For more details please contact vipclub@pokerstars.com. Please remember, if you use your FPPs to buy into this event, you will be required to wear PokerStars clothing while you play.
  • On Site
    You can buy in directly at Atlantis with $5,300 in cash (USD ONLY - we cannot accept debit or credit cards).
  • By Wire
    For more details on buying in using a wire transfer please e-mail registrations@pslive.com

Terms and Conditions apply to each specific buy in option. Please email pca@pslive.com for more information.

Will there be currency exchange services at Atlantis?

The PCA does NOT have any kind of currency exchange service and we cannot guarantee that the Atlantis Casino will offer a service of this kind. It is HIGHLY advisable that you bring the correct currency with you to the event (US DOLLARS ONLY) or buy-in via your PokerStars account (if viable). There are several banks just outside the resort that do offer a limited currency exchange option, but you are restricted to $500 maximum per day. The PCA is not responsible for ensuring you have the correct funds to buy into any of the events on the schedule.

Can I choose my Main Event starting flight day?

Yes, If you have qualified or bought-in, you can pick your start day by registering for Day 1A or Day 1B dummy tournament on the PokerStars client. Just go to ‘Live Events’ > ‘EUROPE’ > ‘PCA 2016’ > ‘ Event Schedule’. Players not picking a start day or qualifying in the week prior to the event will be assigned a start day by the organizers. If you buy in with cash in advance simply advise registrations of your chosen start day.

How can I buy into the PCA side tournaments?

  • From your PokerStars Account.
    Side event registration through your PokerStars account will open later in the year.
  • On Site
    Registration will be open every day for all the MTT side tournaments. Sit & Go’s and cash games will also be available.

Is it possible to withdraw funds from my PokerStars account during the PCA?

If you have a PokerStars.com or PokerStars.eu account – Yes. You will be able to withdraw funds at the PokerStars Bank, there is a maximum withdrawal limit of $10,000 per day.

Any account which is not PokerStars.eu or PokerStars.com cannot withdraw funds during the PCA.

Is it possible to deposit money onto my PokerStars account during the PCA?

If you have a PokerStars.com or PokerStars.eu account – Yes. You will be able to deposit funds using the PokerStars Bank. There is no limit on the amount you can deposit.

Any account which is not PokerStars.eu or PokerStars.com cannot deposit funds during the PCA.

How will I get paid if I win the tournament?

We will allow you to take a portion in cash. The rest can be deposited into your PokerStars account or wired directly to your bank account. Players will be subjected to a Maximum Cash Payout Rule, as part of the PSLive Terms of Use.

It is also very important to note that you are not allowed to carry more than $10,000 through Customs without declaring it. Bahamas Customs are known to be very strict with regards to this rule.

Will there be a Party? Can I bring a guest?

Yes. There will be a Party and all players are allowed to bring one guest. PokerStars Supernova Elites will be allowed to bring two guests. You can collect your party wristbands from the Information Desk during the event. Please note that that those who have played in the Main Event get first priority on party wristbands. Anyone not playing in the Main Event will only be able to collect wristbands on the night of the Party.

Is there an agreement I need to sign to play in any of the PCA events?

Yes. You are required to accept and sign the PSLive Terms of Use. The PSLive Terms of Use are comprised of the PokerStars Group rules and regulations governing live poker tournaments and cash games during tour events. Upon registration to a Tournament for the first time, you will need to sign and accept the PSLive Terms on site in The Bahamas in order to receive a PSLive Card, which is mandatory to play in any of the PCA tournaments. You can read these Terms of Use by clicking here.

Will there be player bags of merchandize for the players?

All players at the Festival will receive a free PCA 2016 t-shirt that can be collected from the Information Desk. You do not need to play in the Main Event to receive one of these, however, you must show a valid tournament buy-in receipt to any of the scheduled events to be eligible.

Main Event qualifiers via PokerStars will receive a limited edition PCA 2016 zip-up jacket. This can also be collected from the Information Desk on site.


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